I create dashboards for research and data communication purposes, some of which are presented here. The apps use Plotly Dash and are deployed with Railway.app.

Visualisation of ECG data on Physionet

This app streams and plots data from the Icentia11k database on Physionet, which contains data from 11,000 patients who have undergone a Holter recording (ambulatory ECG). I have a step by step tutorial on Towards Data Science on how to create this app.
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Restitution curve analysis

This app simulates and plots output for a model of a periodically paced cardiac cell based on properties of its restitution curve, which the user can modify.
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Covid-19 visualisation and analysis

This app displays Covid-19 cases and deaths for a given country, and computes approximations for the total number of infected cases and the contact ratio. Uses the dataset from Our World in Data.
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Thomas Bury, PhD
Thomas Bury, PhD
Applied mathematician

Researcher on tipping points in complex systems